Going to trial

mamí 🌹🇵🇷

For those who did go to trial

Did they arrest him and hold him up til trial ? He was arrested at one point in the process but he had bail.

Also, if you were mentally unstable to testify did they still make you? Also because I don't want to see him. I was told if my evidence is strong enough I won't need to testify but from the start they said I had a strong case with good evidence but I been subpoena to testify. I have to call anyways so I will talk this over regardless, just wanted input from those who been through this.

I had pictures taken of the bruises etc he left on my body will those be presented in court? Or my deposition?

Also can I bring anyone to my trial? I know family but maybe those who support me through this can be there?

I guess I would like input on trial as this is my first one for this...