Trying not to get my hopes up

Hey ladies, I need some kind of advice or any of information that you can offer me. I haven't had a period since April 4th, but I have irregular periods so they don't usually happen on a certain day each month, but I dont think I've ever been this late . Granted, there have been times that I've skipped a month, but two? That's never happened. So on top of the missed periods, the past week has been really rocky considering I've been throwing up every single morning. I'm so nauseous that I spent my break at work this morning throwing up in the bathroom. I ended up going home and I tried to set up an appointment with a clinic to get a blood test done to get an accurate result. I've taken about 6 tests and they all read negative. I tried 5 clinics and they all said the same thing that they didn't do blood tests and that the doctor would do a urine test. Which is the same thing as what I've been doing at home. One clinic directed me to a health department so I tried 2 of those in the area and they only do urine tests too. Any advice you have or information on blood tests, ultrasounds, HCG levels, or anything please please please let me know! There's always the chance that I have a stomach bug and I missed my period due to stress, because I keep getting negative results. So at this point I'm just waiting on either a period or a positive result.