Hello everyone, I hope you are all doing well ✨
So I am confused about a guy. So I recently broke up with my bf about three months ago & at first we took a break & decided to leave things the way they are. He didn't try to get me back or win me over after I told him how he treated me & how I felt. Soon after that I met someone that we just clicked. Him and I had a long conversation & it felt that I had known him for years. Soon after that we would see each other weekly & then he had to move for three months 6 hours away but he still comes every weekend & we hang out & makes time for me, by we had a talk about our feelings & he asked me who do I see in my future & I answered honesty & I said that I don't see anyone in my future but my goals (the reason is that a lot of people have let me down including my family) & I asked him the same question & he said that both of us are in different stages in life meaning that I will be going to a university that's 2hrs away & he had to stay in one place due to his work & that he's not really looking for something serious because he got out of a bad relationship. & the next day he texted me what I was going to do on a certain day & I said that I was going to work & he asked me to get the day off to go to one of his good friends from the marines wedding.. tomorrow he's going with me to look at dresses for that wedding. I am scared that I am the only one developing feelings & getting hurt. Idk what to do, any advice would be appreciated & I am sorry for the longest post! ✨