Sex Help

My husband and I have been married for almost four years. We took the abstinence approach to sex before marriage. Since getting married sex has been rough... really rough. My husband doesn't sexually satisfy me, but he does try. 
I'm not impressed by his size, but learned to get over that. The biggest issue is he doesn't last long enough for me. He's usually between three and five minutes... and that's with him stopping and pulling out to try and last longer. He's so willing to eat me out and finger me... but I'm not the type to really enjoy it. It's okay for a brief moment to get me started, but I get majority of my pleasure from penetration. 
We've tried a lot of things that hasn't worked. I had a toy, but I like the feel of the real thing. We've tried various positions, pills for him, even counseling. I'm really desperate for some other options and opinions. I know it makes him sad that he can't satisfy me and I've been trying to encourage him. I'm just running out of patience.