can't get over breakup.

My ex bf dumped me a week ago. He said he feels like he's losing himself a bit and wants to focus on himself. I called him about it and he said he wants to be selfish and do what he wants when he wants and however long, like play video games or constantly be on social media without having to reply to me if I text him. We had other issues but we were working on things. I feel so blind sided because we were supposed to go out the night he dumped me and that same night he deleted me off his social media and it's been seven days now and I haven't heard from him since. Th I last time he pulled this he texted me the day after and now nothing. I'm so hurt because when I had called him the day of he was so frustrated and ended up hanging up to get back to his video game. He said he loves me but can't talk to me right now. I stopped looking at his social media but he seemed to be very happy and constantly on it or tweeting other girls or talking about how there have got to be girls who don't cheat and can hold a guy down to his guy friends (but I was never disloyal to him). I'm just angry it happened so suddenly and that he did it over text and couldn't even be the least bit sympathetic over the phone and was focused on his game instead because he was literally annoyed I called him when he wanted to play. Mind you he's almost 23. I feel like I have no real closure or sense of what's happening because he's my first real love and he just dumped me and disappeared. I wake up super early because I'm anxious and I go to sleep anxious. I've tried to keep myself busy but when I'm not it always just comes back to him. It hurts so much. We were together just a little over a year and next week would have been our official one year and I'm just so lost right now knowing he's happy.
Ps: I have NOT communicated with him. I haven't heard anything since he left me a week ago and haven't reached out