possibly pregnant??

I am now 6 days late for AF. I've never been late. Ever.
Friday the 16th of June, I was feeling bloated as though my period was coming. Sure enough, I checked my Glow calendar and was expecting AF Sunday (June 18th). Saturday, I felt super pre-period bloating and blah for a couple of hours. Then Sunday, nothing. The possibility of being pregnant crossed my mind, but I didn't think too much about it. I was busy all day Monday and Tuesday, so it wasn't until I was 4 days late on Wednesday that I started thinking about the last week and the various symptoms I have displayed.
Here's a breakdown:
3-4 days before my missed period: had spotting on tissue when I went to the bathroom.
1-2 days before missed period: had symptoms that period was about to start (bloating, typical per-period cramps)
Day of expected period: felt completely normal, and no sign of period. No spotting, no cramping, no bloating.
2 days after expected period: still no sign of period, slightly watery CM, super bloated again (to the point where I could hardly hold my stomach in). Constipation. 
3 days into missed period: extreme bloating, negative morning pregnancy test, and I just feel different. Slight lower abdominal cramping. Constipation. 
4 days into missed period: bloating/constipated and random lower abdominal cramps continue. Couldn't suck in my stomach if I tried. Appetite is down a little (Went for buffalo wings for dinner--my fave--and had to force myself to eat just 3--after having an appetiter though). 
5 days into missed period: another negative test, finally took BBT and got 99.4 (higher than usual..typically right at 98.6/98.7). Still constipated. Thick white CM/discharge (gross, sorry..at least I didn't post a pic! 😜). Nipples are more sensitive & my breasts started to ache when I was napping on my stomach.
6 days into missed period (today): yet another BFN, BBT is 99.1, still super bloated. Still slightly constipated. Nipples are still sensitive. 
My husband and I only had sex once this month, and let's just say we had fun and both got the O. 😉
Here is my original Glow calendar screenshot, but since updating with my missed period, it has changed that night of sex to be on my most fertile day.
I know that a lot of people will take HPTs and not get a BFP until anywhere from 2 weeks post-missed period all the way to never getting one despite being pregnant. I also know that it's recommended to get a blood test if you're two weeks late and still getting a BFN, and I plan to do just that (won't be for another 8 days...).
My body tells me that I'm pregnant, ya know?
am just absolutely dying here and want to know what y'all think!