Swear iam still pregnant

Teri-lyn • 22 mommy to lincoln 05.11.2016 and ttc# 2 !!
So on march 11 i started bleeding my hcg level was 108. I took test after test  to see if the line was leaving like it did i took two first responses and to one step test and four 7-11 brand test and all the lines change fast the 7-11 test was dark the mornin of the 12 by 6:30 pm that night the test line was barly visable.  The other test you could not see evap lines and maybe a ery faint faint positive but at 6weeks and 4 days the test line should have been hella dark like it was earlier in my pregnacey. I swear iam still pregnant tho my boobs hurt like hell and. Iam gassy and the AMOUNT OF ACNE i have is annoying i never brake out befor my period or ovulation like this  i have to go to blood work on the 27th to confirm the miscarriage completed.  I dont know what to think my boobs are still extermly. Sore and my nipples still have huge blue veins on them