Husband issues?!?!?

My husband works during the day and I am usually home with the baby while my other daughter is in school. When he gets home all he does is complain the house isn't clean enough or he sits on the couch and plays on his cell phone or watches tv. Him and my 12 year old have had issues and have been fighting a lot the past couple months. One instance was about a week or so ago when we did laundry I told my 12 year old to put her clothes away properly and I guess she threw attitude toward my husband and closed her bedroom doors I guess this made him mad that he threw one of his shoes at the door. He threw it so hard it left a hole. When we had our 1 year old I was the one to always get up with her at night. I have slept for a full night since. I am always the one to change her diaper or bath her or anything he just sits there. I have to ask him to help with her. What would you do if you were in my shoes?