bargaining with sex😂

I never thought i would see the day when my hubby would use sex as a bargaining chip😂 he wanted to go over to his cousins house that lives like 5 mins away tonight but he had just gotten home from work and I wanted to spend time together. He looks at me and says what if I promise we will make love when I get home? ( we have a good sex life.. normally 2-3 times a week  but it's been almost a week) so how could I pass up the offer but of course I had to lay down so stipulations. He is a on the bottom type of guy so he agreed to be on top for at least a little while, and if he is tired he may only last 5 mins but he promised he will make it last, and he has to be home by 10😂😂😂  I can't believe we just made a deal over sex but hey I'm not complaining