I'm on the ortho evra birth control patch. I started use months ago, but I've been using it irregular. Meaning, I've been putting a new patch on every week as told but the third week (this week) I put my new patch on 2 days late. I don't know if my cycle is messed up or not. My SO and I never use condoms. I know pull out doesn't always work, we have one baby already. (This was before I was on the patch or any birth control) but since I started ortho evra we use pull out along with my birth control patch. The past 2 weeks he has forgot to pull out at least 3 times. I'm not positive but I think my period is a few days late. I know its probably early to tell but I need help please. Does anyone think I could be pregnant? i haven't had any symptoms besides my period being a few days late and my boobs have been killing me but I thought that was because I was about to start. I don't know. Opinions please? And someone please tell me something other than, wait and take a test. Because that's the obvious answer. I just need opinions!