Need to b***h about my husband !

Needta vent or I'm gunna lose it on him so he works and wants me to be a stay at home mom he works 5 days a week 9-13 hr days selling cars he makes a good living I appreciate him a lot i stay home with our three kids I wake up a hr before him to get his work clothes ironed and set out I run all his errands all day I do school pick up and drop off I clean everything he never comes home to a dirty house he is able to come home for dinner most every day between 4&6 so I cook dinner at 3 and make sure its hot when he gives me a 5 min warning that he will b home I find his clothes even on his days off I get up every night with the baby I don't ask him for help even when the baby's waking up every 45 min walk night I have sex with him every day I rub his back almost everyday I dont spend frivolous money I go to the gym cuz he wants me to ( I'm 5 2 and a size 1 so I'm tinny ) I do what ever he wants and he gets irritated when I say I'm tired or say I wish I could take a nap cuz he says he has i have no idea how hard he works and how tired he is I stay up with him tell when ever he wants to go to bed even if it's 2 am cuz hr worked tell 9 and wants to hang out he sleeps in tell 10-2 on his days off takes naps I'm just feeling so under appreciated and frustrated cuz I do everything for him and our kids I dont mind but like I just want some type of understanding from him I make him late night dinners when he's still hungry I do everything he asks and he still has no clue how much I do for him I just am so frustrated cuz I feel like I can't do enough and honestly just want a friggen nap I'm so exhausted and just wish I had a little more gratitude and yes I contribute financially two of our kids r from a previous marriage and I get 1163$ a month so I am adding money to help I want to work but he doesn't want me to ughhhh just needed to vent