losing the baby weight

Hey ladies... I know not all of us are lucky to look like we didn't have a baby 2 weeks pp. And if we don't breast feed... can take
Even longer. One of the doctors I work with was talking about Dr. kellyanns bone broth diet....you can lose 12-15 lbs if you stick with it. I still had 20lbs left to lose. So I tried the diet because I was tired of my clothes not fitting and carrying around the extra weight. It's super easy to follow and definitely a diet you can live with. No dairy, grains, sugar or alcohol. It really wasn't that bad. After 3 weeks I lost 13 lbs; after 6
Weeks I finally reached to 20lb marker and pre baby weight and after 7/8 weeks I can fit into pre pregnancy pants and feel so much better on my new diet/lifestyle change. Don't mind the shirt.