Gear for twins (plus toddler singleton)

At 26 weeks, I am just starting to think about gear that we will need for our twins. We have a 2 year old daughter and will need to consider her in our purchases also (I.e. A double stroller with an alternative option for her?). Have any recommendations/what are your plans for the following big items?:
Stroller--I think I prefer a tandem opposed to a side-by-side. The Contour looks good but the City Select looks great. Worth the price difference? Do either offer the board attachment for my 2yo? OR should I just get the frame (Joovy?) and use that until we can transition to a double umbrella?
Car seats--specifically I'd like to know if anyone will be putting 3 in a row with one of them being a convertible (Britax Advocate Clicktight). I have a '10 Rogue and '11 Camry and will be getting a minivan soon but probably not immediately. We used the BSafe when #1 was an infant and loved it, but that probably wouldn't work with 3 across. 
Cosleeper/Crib--I plan on having twins sleep in our room for first few months and would prefer not to set up a full size crib (definitely not two!). What are some options for cosleeper a or bassinets or pack n plays that fit two? 
Other than that, I don't want to be excessive in my purchasing and am fine with getting just 1 swing, 1 rocker, etc. But is there anything I should definitely get two of? (We donated most of our things from baby #1 before a big cross country move last year...such a mistake!)
Thanks mamas and papas!