First month TTC and I'm already frustrated!!

I have two children. I TTC with them the first months and BFP. We tried for baby #3 dec 2013 and got pregnant right away but MC at week5. I was so distraught I didn't want to try again. Until now. I'm 31 and trying again this month. My AF isn't due til the 25th and I have already taken 10 pregnancy tests. All negative. I bought 6 days sooner wishing to even see the faintest line but nothing.  I usually get super sore breast 10 days. Wrote my period but not this month. I was a little emotional ( but who wouldn't be if they were looking at pics of their daddy who passed almost 3 years ago). I want to be pregnant and I get so excited I'm tired of looking at negative test. How do I " just relax, and don't test early". If it were easy I would. All three of my pregnancys seemed so simple. Is it my age?? Did I miss the boat? Did I wait too long to try again??