40 weeks exactly

I am 40 weeks exactly. I started contractions at 10pm last night. I didn't know what they were. They just feel like period cramps. They didnt go away. I had my partner start timing them at 3am. They were about a minute in length, 5mins apart. The on-call OB didn't think anything of it but I still went in. They hooked me up to the monitors. Sure enough, contractions 3-5mins apart. The nurse said I was definietly contracting. I told her the only "contractions" I feel are the period like cramps. And when I have shortness of breath, thats a contraction as well. Its so weird how labor is different for everyone. :o So, I got sent home since I am considered Early Labor. Ive been walking and napping. I cant bounce on a yoga ball due to hemorrhoids. Hoping they get stronger so I can have this baby already. I have been uncomfortable since last night. :o