Confused! Faint BFP followed by BFN!


So ... since I got a positive OPK and BD that night, I have been having several pregnancy-like symptoms - continuous mild cramping, tiredness, sore back, food aversions, upset stomach, and LOTS of lotion-like milky discharge (which I never get after ovulating).

I took a no-name hpt 2 days ago (10 dpo) and got a faint positive. After a couple hours (and I know it's invalid at this point) it was much darker and obvious.

So, I waited 2 more days (12dpo) and took another test - a Clearblue, thinking for sure I'd get my BFP. Well ... it turned out to be a BFN. If it look super hard (lol) there appears to perhaps be a shadow but is probably just an indent.

What gives? Now I'm worried AF will be well on her way in a few days. :(