Am I the only girl with this problem?

I feel gross bc my vagina smells. I'm 20 years old and I have very good hygien but no matter what I do my vagina smells. I shower almost every single day, sometimes I'll skip a day if I feel that I can but even if I skip a day I like to wash my vagina with a wash cloth, so I wash it on a daily basis. I use Summers <a href="">Eve</a> wash every time I shower and I also use FDS spray often. No matter what I'm doing, even if I'm not sweating at all or even if I have on loose fitting bottoms, it still smells within a few hours of showering. It's not always a descrete smell either which makes it very embarrassing at times. I usually don't wear underwear just bc I don't like the feel of them. And also when I do wear them, the smell is even worse. I just got out of a serious relationship and I had sex almost every day, before the relationship ended just last week. I was always very self concuois about it and my boyfriend knew that I was. He always said it didn't bother him bc he knew it was normal for a vagina to have a smell to it. And I know that it is, but I feel like most girls, that I know anyways, don't have the same problem that I do with it. I've tried baking soda baths and using wipes and spray, and even different types of soap. Does anybody else know of an affective way to get rid of the smell or at least make it not so strong?