Bfp then BFN

I'm on my 15th month ttc and 2nd round of 50mg clomid I've 2 days to AF is due but this month I feel so good it's the month! I've prayed, I've had only some pms so instead of buying the cheap tests (I'm a poas addict lol) I went out and got the clearblue that you can use 6 days before AF is due and I could see a tiny line so I re tested 2 days later and it was darker :D I showed my hubby who couldn't see the first faint line but could see this as clear as day. I went a bought a few cheap tests and tested at 11dpo and 12dpo and nothing not even a tiny line :( am I out ? I don't know what to think. I will wait to Saturday or Sunday to retest is the witch doesn't show.