am I selfish for this?

My boyfriend used to like one of his friends from school (college, they just graduated and were/are in the same department). They never dated. He used to send me snapchats of her saying she was cute before we met in person (we met on tinder lol) so I kind of knew before he actually told me about how he used to like her. He recently just told me that he's sure she liked him back at one point. I met her once, very briefly, at their department graduation. She was nice, and very pretty, and I have no reason to dislike her (I don't), but it makes me uncomfortable, and my issue with them is with my boyfriend, not her.
He just texted me and asked me if I was ok with them hanging out. I'm not. I don't mind if they're in a group of people...but if it's just them two, I'm not ok with it. My stomach turned and my heart started beating really fast when I read his message. I will let him know it makes me uncomfortable and that I'd prefer him not to see her alone, but I won't tell him he can't do it. The choice is his regardless of what I say and feel.
Am I selfish for this?