why are men so lazy?

My husband can be so lazy, it drives me nuts. I work and am in grad school full-time yet clean a pretty decent home..... my husband will clean usually after I nag him. We got into a huge fight today bc he cleans half-ass. That's so pathetic. You're an adult. You love here too. Clean the house. We pay so much a month in bills and I brought all the furniture and everything into OUR home. I appreciate things I've worked hard for. He clearly was so spoiled that he acts like cleaning is hard. And he says ish like "well I don't feel like cleaning." It's so annoying. Who the hell wants to clean? You clean bc u have to. Wtf. He cleaned the bathroom bc I'm pregnant and didn't want to inhale the bleach. Then I go in there and the sink still has toothpaste dried up everywhere and stains. Clearly not clean. Then tells me "oh I didn't finish" righttttttttt he always has an excuse of "I was about to" or I planned on do it _____(days later). It's honestly not that difficult. It's not. I hate lazy men. It disgusts me.