please help me

please read, i really need help and support 
my boyfriend and i have been together over a year and he and i have both had other relationships but nothing serious until now, we also haven't been intimate with anyone else but each other. we have had oral sex and a few other things but never vaginal penetration, we have tried but to no avail.. he isn't small and i think that may be the problem, i am very tight down there to the point where i can't fit more than two fingers comfortably and even that hurts me sometimes, i have used dildos in the past and have learned that only the thinnest ones are comfortable for me.. every time we try to have sex he can't fit in me very well and we have tried multiple times over the course of our relationship (with protection of course) i was wondering if anyone could give me any advice as to what positions to try to get it to fit better (comfortably) and maybe some support if anyone else has or had this issue..