Ovulation tests

This is my first month trying for baby #2. I got my nexplanon birth control taken out on the 4th of this month. I had my first period on the 7th... Since that was my first period for like a year and a half I don't know how long my cycles will be or if they will be regular.. But I just put in the information I just told you into the app and said I have 28 day cycles because that is what I used to have before birth control.. Anyways finally to the point... This app says that today was my peak ovulation day and tomorrow and day after are in my window or whatever... And hubby and I have been bding. I ordered some ovulation tests and they just came in the mail today! Do I use them right now or when should I start!? Also I was wondering like how to use them... I looked up online and couldn't really figure it out... Do I do them twice a day? Same time everyday I assume also.. Any information will be really helpful! And thanks in advance!