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I have been TTC for the past 2 years. Every single month has been a miss. I went to a fertility clinic back in Aug 2016, after many test, blood work, ultrasounds, etc. I was told that I had a cyst on my right ovary (too small to be removed) and that my left ovary was normal. My cervix and tubes were healthy. The doctor just said the only thing he can conclude is that my timing was off.

Now, I have been keeping up with my cycle days, charting, and enjoying my hubby on my ovulation days. I take prescribed Prenatal pills every night. For a whole year!! I started to lose hope after month 7, but I kept praying and kept charting. The look on my hubby face when he talks about wanting to be a Daddy is PRICELESS. I want to make this his reality.

I got my period May 23rd (I charted). I have 34 day cycle. The app concluded that I ovulated the week of June 7th. I tried and tried and tried until I was exhausted. Now my period is 3 days late. I've taken a HPT everyday for 3 days and all are NEGATIVE.

I'M ALMOST I TEARS. STILL NO PERIOD! Why is this so difficult for me?