Thick Discharge?!

Okay so my boyfriend and I have been having sex for a month or two. And we use a condom everytime. He never ejaculates jnto it because I am very parinoid of a condom not working and breaking. So he usually pulls out and masterbates. Well we decides after one time he wanted to have sex again but he had no condoms. So we had sex anywad with no condom but he still pulled out and did his same procedure. But I'm afriaid that I am somehow pregnant. I know it seems silly but I am a very anxious person. And lately I have been having some weird feelings in my lower abdomen and I shake it off thinking it's nothing. But I keep get scared because I am now having thick, paste like white discharge with a kind of strange smell. I'm just worried because I heard thats sometimes a sign of early pregnancy. Please someone help!