it is real!!!! 😱

So last week I took a easy@home test and me thinking it was a false positive because I have gotten one before. 5 days later and I have taken a test again and again and I think I'm safe to say this is real and finally get my prayers answered and blessed me with this BFP!!! I'm still in shock that I'm still taking test haha!! I just need advice ladies!!! I'm going to be starting nursing school in august and it's an everyday all week from 8am-5pm (except weekends) and I know what to expect from the program but I have no idea how I'll be able to handle it! The program is a year and I'm pretty sure my baby will be born during the middle of the program and it'll be very tough going to school and with a new born! Any advice would be nice! How to handle pregnancy and nursing school and newborn and nursing school with hour long days! 😱😭