GRAPHIC weird sex experience

Serena • I`ll give it ya ;)
Sorry this is so long!!
So I'd been on a few dates with this guy and things were going really good. The other night we went for drinks and ended up going back to his place for sex. Well we were in the bedroom and he told me to wait and he'd be right back and winked, going off into the en suite. He was taking a while in there and I began to wonder what he was doing... When he came back out he was wearing a full length samurai kimono, a long grey wig (with a fringe!!) and he had an awful fake  beard on that was so long it reached his belly and had a ribbon tied at the end. I was really freaked out but I stayed silent. Just when I thought things couldn't get any worse, he clicked on the CD player and to my horror "Everybody was Kungfu Fighting" came on and he started dancing around to it!! I grabbed my stuff and ran out. I don't even know what to say about this... I was scared! Is this some kind of fetish?? Do you think I acted prematurely? I really liked the guy beforehand and he seemed so normal... Should I have given his samurai sex thing a go?

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