Basically guys, i'm ovulating today. I wanted to get my man in the mood with out being all 'i'm ovulating fuck me now bitch'. I text him saying i'm feeling horny & what i wanted to do with his lad etc. No reply. I got home from work & meet him at the door fresh out the shower, just a towel on. He turns & says 'let me just rest my feet darling been on them all day' (he works in construction) So i did, i made him dinner & while i was cooking he kept walking past slapping my arse & calling me a fine bit of ass lol he then says 'wait till we go to bed & i'll fuck your brains out'. I'm thinking 'hell yeah baby' at this point. Once we had dinner & watched some fear of the walking dead, he goes for a shower. He then comes out holding his roddington & says 'why have you not switched evetything off & sorted the dog out?!' Then he says 'i thought we had a plan, i would meet you upstairs?' I was like 'what? Where has this come from??? He goes up stairs in a fat ass mood. I tried talking to him, but he didn't want to know. I'm currently sat down stairs thinking what the fuck?? He is snoring his head off & i've had no sex. Everytime i let him know i'm ovulating he always complains that he feels under pressure to perform. So thought i'd just have a more relaxed take on it. I'm rather confused, i'm sure my story aint the best read either lol I just felt i needed to vent!! Sexually frustrated now lol 😭😭😭