how do you feel about your OB?

I absolutely hate my OB but I love his Nurse Practitioner. I saw her after my 20 week anatomy scan. She got me in and out, answered all of my questions, and was just generally always smiling. She's the best person in that office! 
My OB on the other hand, yikes. I was reccommended him by a well trusted friend, so I hope her experience with him was way better than mine. He's ALWAYS late, his nurses are irritating and inconsistent, and unless you're in full blown labor or 5cm dilated then he brushes everything off. "Oh no yeah, you're okay. I'll see you in a week." 
I've dreaded seeing him and I tried switching but couldn't find an OB to accept a transfer after 20 weeks. After I have my 6 week check up, I'll never see him again and that excites the hell out of me! His office won't be getting a good review. 
How do you feel about yours? 
Are the ever on time? 
Are the polite?