Feeling guilty and ashamed πŸ˜”

Today I went to a family party with my boyfriend of a few months. We were in the basement with his siblings and then they all went upstairs. Well we were alone for a while and we did a few things. We didn't have sex, but we did other stuff. We had to stop because I was bleeding a little and I didn't want it to get on my clothes. I'm feeling ashamed of myself and like a slut. This is the first time I've ever done anything of this nature and I just don't want to disappoint my family by being active so soon. My sister got pregnant at a young age, and I heard everything people at school said about her and I don't want that. I'm upset and thinking I might be moving too quickly so I've sort of been avoiding my boyfriend and now my mother is asking me what's wrong. πŸ˜”