does anybody else's boyfriend sleep talk?

My boyfriend sleep talks all the time😂 We live together and not a week goes by that I don't hear him talk in his sleep at least 3 times. He once started singing the YMCA in his sleep. My favourite time was once he had been talking about a van that had "FREE HOOKERS" painted on the outside. I asked him, "oh, you want free hookers?" He replied, "no I don't want free hookers." So I said, "you want expensive, high class hookers?" And he answers, "no I don't want any hookers I just want you." 😍
Then another night he talks about wanting to run over a bunch of naked girls with a school bus. It ranges from hilarious to sweet every night. 
I want to know what the men in your life have said while sleep talking! It's always funny to hear🤣