Livid with my father!! Ranting my tail off!!!


So my mother is a recovering alcoholic who just got out of rehab a week ago. She's 17 days sober after 3 years of extremely heavy drinking. For those of you who don't know, in AA and NA you get chips for reaching milestones. I.e. 30 days, 60 etc. Well a week after I found out I told my dad and absolutely begged him not to tell my mother that I am pregnant. For her 30 days of sobriety I had planned to take her to dinner and pass her an ultrasound that said "Hi Grandma!" He knew of this plan and agreed to it. Fast forward 2 weeks and my mom calls. She starts dropping baby hints off and on. I call my dad and ask him if he told her and he tells me no. But my gut feeling tells me differently. I ask my younger brother and low and behold my dad had spilled the beans and completely ruined and took the joy out of my announcement. Mind you this isn't the first time. 2011 I was pregant with my first child. I only found out after having a massive anxiety attack and being admitted to the cardiac until of my local hospital. He takes it upon himself to take a picture of me hooked up to heart monitors and IVs galore and post it on Facebook saying "my baby is having a baby" and tagging me in it while I was asleep. He stole my joy and my moment from me then. And unfortunately 2 weeks and a couple days later I had to announce to everyone that I had lost the pregnancy. He had and still has absolutely no right to open his mouth and spread my business. I am beyond livid and I dont know what to do.

Update:::: Let me go ahead and clarify that this post ended up in the wrong group by accident. My bad. And I will also clarify that the only reason my father was informed is because of insurance purposes. I live in SC and unfortunately had to apply for medicaid. In SC you only get approved for Medicaid for 3 reasons, you are a child, disabled, or pregnant. And obvioisly I'm not the first or second of the above. And he checks the mail so he would have put 2 and 2 together anyways. Since I left that out and everyone is just loving being rude.