So confused

Rosalie • I`m very excited me and my fiancée are blessed God is good baby dust to all
So I have been having the feeling I don't make my fiance happy anymore. I try to do anything his feet his hair a movie let him play his game even try to be kinkier...its not the same he is not I feel that I don't make him happy he never wants to do anything anymore he started to smoke again after he made a promise not to he used to do my feet all the time but he makes an excuse even after I'd just finished his. I'm 24 weeks pregnant. I keep thinking maybe I'm just being emotional but I feel like I have to fight for his attention. . .maybe I'm just to emotional for him I love him so much idk what to feel any more I have been so depressed I just don't feel I'm good enough and all at the same time I'm trying so hard to stay positive for our son who will be due in July I just need advice or someone to talk to I'm holding so much in