From one exhausted mommy to another...

It's 4:30 a.m and I've just put my baby down again. My once happy baby who slept through the night. Ever since he cut his two teeth I've been trying to figure out what could possibly be wrong and where my content baby went. Until tonight. My LO has hit all the growth spurts and mental leaps (Wonder Weeks) a week or two (or three) early, which no one bothered to tell me was possible, although he was born 17 days past his due date (maybe that makes a difference?). So when I read this article 
{I know the links don't work to click/tap on (please change this Glow) but trust me when I say, this is an article worth reading. You can also find it by googling "fourth mental leap" it's a blog post by}
everything just made more sense and for some reason, tonight, that made all the difference, possibly because I've only had an hour of sleep tonight. So I'm just sharing because maybe this will help some other exhausted mama out there who, like me, just wants to know where her happy baby went and if it ever gets better. ❤️
My sweet baby boy.