Advice needed please


Ok so here's my situation, i found out i was pregnant last (late) September went to the dr Oct 20th found out i was 9 wks and my lil one had no heartbeat, I then had to go back a week later to see if there was any change and there wasnt the dr told me i had to have a miscarriage he gave me pills to take but they didnt work so i had the D&C done. My husband wanta a baby but Ive been TERRIFIED about trying again and having the same thing happen.

Since November and December my period was on time, then January it was 2 day late, February it came 6 day late and this month i havent started at all. Ive taken tests and they all have said negative. What should i do?? Wait to see if i start, take a test or see my dr?? I need some advice plz.