Say my name, say my naaaame šŸŽ¶

Jessa ā€¢ Unofficial nomad. Aspiring midwife. Fierce lover of naps.
Women like to post baby names on here to see which names people like the most, I however, am asking you which name you think I should go by.
You see, I am moving to Florida in the next few months, I won't know many people so it might be fun to go by a new nickname. I usually go by Jessica- my given name. Some call me Jess, others call me Jessie and I'm beginning to like the sound of Jessa (I changed my profile name to Jessa just to try it out šŸ˜‰).
What do you think? Is it silly to try to promote a new nickname?
What about you, what's a nickname you wish more people called you?

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