What do I do?

This is kind of long so please bare with me.

Tonight my mom got drunk, and wanted me to drive her to the liquor store. I'm pregnant so obviously I was sober. I take her to town and we stop by Hardee's because that's what I was craving at that particular moment. From Hardee's she somehow managed to get in the drivers seat. We argue, it doesn't work, she refuses to get out. She then drives to the liquor store (2 blocks away) from there, I tell her that I'm going to be in the drivers seat when she gets back. She gets out, and walks to the door so I hurry around the car to get in AND she locked me out. She forgot one door doesn't lock so I managed to get in and get in drivers seat. She comes back and we get into a huge argument. At this point there's not one person in the parking lot that was not eyeing us down like an unweighed sack of weed. I felt so embarrassed. On the way back she told me that I'm moving out the next day, she wants me the fuck out of her house. I'm 17, pregnant, unemployed, no diploma, and no friends I can stay with, and no family besides them. I don't know what to do... Where to start... Where to go... absolutely NOTHING.