ewcm how soon after getting ewcm dose ovulation happen

Teri-lyn • 22 mommy to lincoln 05.11.2016 and ttc# 2 !!
I had a miscarriage on march 11th my period was 20days late i was 6 weeks and 3 days along. I had low hcg it was 108 my question is iam cycle day 12 and i have ewcm how soon after getting this dose ovulation occurr i dont know when i ovulated last month when i got pregnant. As me and finace didnt track only  Sysmtops i had was ewcm at 8 dpo feeling very faint and tired and had morning sickness. Very earlie. Me and finace are ttc our rainbow baby please  some insight would be lovly my cycles are 26-27 days and only last 4 days  have a doctors appointment in the morning to find out if we can get preconception testing done to lessen are chances of another miscarriage thanks in advance