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I'm 19dpo and 5 days late. I've been trying to keep Pregnancy out of my mind because of the fact that my fiancé and I are trying some reverse psychology and "not try" but still try without knowing it. My period has finally been on time and normal for about 4 months, up until now. (Thanks to this app). Ever since Monday (today's Wednesday) I've been really noticing some symptoms. Being overly tired even tho I'm not doing anything. Sore breasts. Some nausea at different points in the day. Discharge like there's no tomorrow. One day it looked like bugers (a lot all in one ball very gooey). And then today (Wednesday) the discharge was an off white/yellow color.  I've had these symptoms but didn't put two and two together. I'm scared to take a test because I've been let down before. I guess I just need some incuragement? Idk if anyone has any advise please help.