I am currently 14 I have been dealing with depression and anxiety for a while I take Prozac which helps a lot but I still can reach a breaking point, that's what happened today. I see my dad three days every other week but he took the weekend off to spend time with me on my birthday. On the same weekend my mom already planned on going to visit family. Anyway today my dad kept telling me that I don't love him and if I did I wouldn't be leaving. He's done things like this before saying I don't love him if I don't do something he wants. My dad and I both have completely different political views but today he kept talking about how being transgender isn't a real thing and I ignored. Then he kept making fun of the LGBTQ+ community and Obama and talking about how feminists are bullshit. I reached my breaking point and we got into a very heated argument. I went upstairs and called my mom and asked her to come pick me up because I just needed a night away from him. My mom then called him and he started cursing her out and saying very mean things to her and telling that all she does is put ideas in my head. In reality we don't even talk about that kind of stuff and I can form my own opinions. My whole life my dad has always been negative towards my opinions and decisions and has emotionally abused me. A few times he got so mad I thought he was going to hurt me. Now I'm faced with a tough decision. The first option is never seeing him again and being mentally happy but live with regret. The second option is to continue to deal with him. I wish he would change I have asked him to change and to get help in the past but that has made him even more mad.