u won't believe what we caught on recordingu

My so randomly downloaded an app on his phone that stays on and records any kind of sound at night while we are sleeping 

Last night, I was having allergy problems. At 4:20 am, you hear me violently sneeze and my so jump and go "nehhhh" (because it scared him awake for 3 seconds) 

And that was the end. 

We listened to this 500 times and my gut hurts from laughing so hard 

Lol oh my god save me "ACHOOOOOO" 

*violent movement*



We sounded like overgrown mutant babies

Edit: I don't know the name of the app and I keep forgetting to ask him. I think it's only for androids though. I'll ask him when I get home from work. It's not like a thing where people can post their recordings online for others to see. It's just a recorder.. I don't think anyone can see it unless we somehow figured out to save it (don't even know if that's an option) and send it.