Need some advice PLEASE!

Hey there,

I have been with my SO for 4yrs now. We have a 2 1/2yr old. I'm also a stepmother to his 9yr old and 8yr old. I'm 26 he is 34

When my SO an I got together I asked him if the kids were his biological kids, because they don't look like him. He said yes and even if they aren't they will be I've been around to long, so I left it alone. When we got pregnant I was asking him questions, because he's "been" through it before with the other 2. He then tells me that when she got pregnant with the 9yr old they weren't even togther. They would mess around here and there and that she was messing around with his friend and more. Then she comes to him and says she's pregnant. I asked if he got a paternity test again he said no. So I asked about the 8yr old and he said AGAIN they weren't togther and they were messing around with other people again. I feel like if I bring it up again he might get upset or he might be scared to really find out.

I feel I need to know or its going to eat me up even more inside or strain our relationship more then it has.

Thank you for your help