I introduced my husband to another woman.


So ever since we (hubby and I) had our son( 15 months) our sex life is still amazing but not as frequent as it used to be. We have both been trying harder but sometimes it can feel a little routine. So we have been trying to experiment more. The other night we were getting busy and I asked him if I should take my glasses off and he said no leave them on they are hot. And I said why? Do I look like a naughty librarian? So I put my hair up and started calling myself Janice (lol the first name that popped in my head lol thanks "Heroes") anyways. I started telling my hubs that he had so many overdue books and such a ridiculous amount of fines that he would have to find a way to work them off and he loved it. He went nuts and the sex was so hot. The next day I took a picture of myself (hair up with glasses on) and sent it to him saying "Janice wanted to say hello." I'm thinking this may become a regular thing. We've role played before but it's been a while. I think I may break out my naughty school girl outfit tonight :) anyways just wanted to share maybe to help give ideas for anyone who was kinda in a rut like we were.