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I go through my boyfriends phone - a lot, actually. And it's definitely NOT because I don't trust him, but because I'm curious. I want to know who he talks to and how he speaks to them. And he has no problem with it at all. He's the same way, he will creep through my phone, but to make sure that no guys are trying to hit on me and if we have an issue, we talk about it, and fix whatever's bothering us ASAP.

We have an amazing relationship, sure we have our issues, but they are so minimal that we sometimes don't even bother.

You women are all such amazing beautiful people who deserve someone who will ALWAYS treat you like a princess! Don't settle for anything less! I settled before and I was so unhappy, and then I met him, it's been almost a year and we still have crazy firework sparks.

I want to see you happy stories!!!