Is it my fault or did I over react?

Ok so ill make it short and to the point. My SO and I have been together almost 2 years, in the beginning of the relationship he was sketchy about some things. He didn't want to express his past nor tell me anything about his female friends. Well long story short, that made me very weary of how he was and it didn't give me a good feeling as to what to expect in a relationship because I was very open with him. Anyways he was deployed for a year and long story short He saved one of his female friends as a mans name bc he said that I over react about things so that's what he had to do...mind you now, he was very secretive to begin with. Anyways he supposedly blocked all his female friends number bc he didn't want to change his well he called me today and said guess who called me?!  I said who, and he said one the female friends name and said that she said why are you letting Whittney control you, why do you have to block my number? I told him, I didn't tell you to do it, you did that. And why don't you tell her the whole story.  And then he freaks the hell out on me and and says I told you that she called just like you wanted me to do but bear believe I won't you another Damn thing. Now let me make this clear. I was calm about the whole situation today. All I said was well we need to get it straight with her and let her know I'm not mad yall are friends but don't hide the shit from me. I'm so confused. How did this shit turn on me??