I just want to have this baby in peace!

So my husband invited his dad and stepmom from California down for the birth (we live in Utah) and I invited my mom since I know she will help. I have tried talking to my husband telling him that I feel uncomfortable having his dad come because birth is uncomfortable and I'm not going to be in the mood for company but he isn't hearing me! I feel overwhelmed because I'm the type of person who has to have the house clean and food I the pantry with fresh towels when we have guests or I will go crazy, I guess I'm ocd. So now I have to worry about that and giving birth, recovering, and getting the hang of breastfeeding all in a week. My mom is pissed because she hasn't seen us in 2 years and was hoping to have all that time to herself with us but I'm like what the hell do you think I can do about it? My husband doesn't want to call his dad and tell him he can't come. I just want to have this baby in peace! I will be doing everything but castor oil hoping to go into labor before everyone gets here! Anyone in the same situation?