I think one of my friends is being negative about most of everything I do during my pregnancy

So I'm 6 months pregnant and me and my husband already picked names for our baby. We don't know the gender yet we will have a gender reveal this weekend. So I told my friend who is planning the reveal the names of the baby and which everyone it is I want her to reveal the name or wateva so I was telling her the name and another friend was around and she was being very judgement about how i choose to name my baby and I had nicknames for each name as well. Idk but I got mad and probably over reacted but lately this friend has something negative to say about basically anything that's positive in my life. (Probably exaggerating but don't feel like it). But she was like the names are ugly and why would I have a name just to have a nickname...etc. but the name are

Girl: Amelia Mishay Coleman



Boy: Ezekiel Xavier Coleman II



But anywho I remember one day I was eating a Cobb zalad from zaxby they are my favorite!!🤤 and she was like why u eating a Salad??? Your baby nothing anything from that and how I need a good hearty meal and I'm like ummmm...I eat ( I love food😻) so no need to worry I just had a taste for this zalad🤤.

There are other examples but I don't feel like texting them. I tried talking to her but that didn't go anywhere. So I stop inviting her places and stuff because I feel like I can not put up with it anymore. Is that wrong of me?