Prayers for my cuzins wife

They have been trying for a baby for 3 years, and have spent $40,000 on IVf and fertility treatments. They have become bankrupt trying for a baby and this is their first. She woke up this morning with a gush soaking the sheets and all. She's due the end of June, and in the hospital bed ridden till her son comes. So far the membrane is not broken or cracked. I have had my fare share of mc, and fear for my cousin and his wife. If anyone deserves a baby in my family it is them. I'm so worried about them Mama and baby. I'm currently ttc after 5 loses and could be, don't know yet pg. but that's on hold and I'll test in a few days. I don't even care about myself rite now, I'm going to lose it if this baby gets hurt. I'm so worried about him. And the daddy! Don't get me started on my cuzin! He's already ate 6 boxes of cheese its! And what else his mama brought him for his nerves. Just pray for them. Pray that they can possibly go home soon and baby boy is ok, and mama is ok and Dady is not an emotional reck. The entire family is worried sick about them. Knowing how much money they have spent for them to have their son. Just pray.