Iris • Broken.
I'm in a three year relationship with my boyfriend, and we recently suffered a miscarriage. since then I haven't been able to bounce back to my normal self, I'm having panic attacks, social anxiety and a lot of resentment towards myself. when we argue, I ask for him to give me space before I blow up and he keeps pushing  me to my breaking point. I've had a mental breakdown all weekend it seems and tonight I had to leave our apartment with my daughter because we started arguing about us arguing! I can't handle being pushed to the point where I feel I need to break something or kick and scream. I'm not very open with anyone about this, since I have just about no friends (bff passed away..) and I don't like my family involved in my personal relationships. I don't know what to do. I will be calling a psychiatrist tomorrow to get the obvious help I need. I don't know if I can love someone who pushes me to have mental breakdowns .. any advice? I know it's a lot I'm just so sad and angry and most of all confused.