My thoughts on Love after my break up


I think love is when two people are able to connect with each other on a spiritually, mentally, and emotionally on a level so much that their souls can touch. Love is loving your imperfections as well as loving someone else's.I think love is even doing the smallest actions such as asking "what did you eat today" of "tell me about your day" I love consistent attentiveness. I don't think we should go out and try to find love I think that love will make its way to us and will happen on its own at its own pace... love is patience. I think some people want to be in a relationship so bad they'll talk to anyone and at the end expect an "i love you" from that person. If you love someone seeing them with a smile on their face for the rest of your lives should be one of your main concerns, "how can I make him/her more happy/how can I KEEP him/her happy" How can show this person I really do love hem from the bottom of my heart? Being in my new relationship he has taught me so much and I am just do thankful for him.