my experience with Plan B one step

Hey girls! I'm here to talk about my experience with Plan B to help any girls who are worried and stressing out.
On June 2 i had sex with a friend of mine. I am not on any kind of birth control and the condom slipped and he had already came. We didn't know if sperm ever contacted me so just incase I got Plan B one-step and  took it 5-6 hours after the incident. 
When I took it i had no symptoms. But around June 8 I started getting a really dark brown stain on my underwear which gradually turned into red blood and it seemed as normal period. I began to go everywhere on the internet looking for some answers and this was my " plan b period" that it was just a side effect of the pill. So I patiently waited for my real period or second period. My period was supposed to start on June 27 but it never came and I started freaking out. I went on the internet everyday trying to find answers but no one really had one. I prayed everyday asking for forgiveness. And today after being 12 days late I finally got my period! 
Don't stress out! Your period will come! It's hard but just be patient. Don't go online because it will just stress you out even more. If you had irregular bleeding a few days after taking Plan b your most likely not pregnant! After this scare i will definitely be going on some kind of birth control.